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The Deathline

By Karen Tilstra, Ph.D. 


We have all been in a situation where we felt sure we would be fired, hesitated to make an important decision, or simply feared looking stupid in front of friends or coworkers. So, we did something we later regretted. Big time. We all have fears that drive our thoughts and behaviors. Meet your Deathline—an event we don't want to happen because we believe if it does, the result will be too difficult, scary, or humiliating. It's the line in the sand we draw for ourselves—the line we never dare cross.

Karen Tilstra's 
The Deathline: Stopping the #1 Killer of Human Potential helps anyone reach their true potential through simple yet effective strategies for identifying and managing their Deathlines. By demonstrating how to pause, breathe, and apply tools like the tollbooth technique and the four ACEs, Tilstra enables readers to find solutions and answer the mother of all questions, “What's really going on here?” Jam-packed with real stories from people Karen has helped overcome their deepest anxieties, The Deathline is a comprehensive, thoughtful, and witty guide to unlocking the creativity that lies within all of us.

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