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98% of leaders want to innovate.

Only 13% know how.

We help you take the guesswork out of innovation, enabling an innovative culture to emerge within your organization.

With the Creativity Effect, you can confidently create an innovation lab, dynamic teams, and design thinking projects that result in relevant and sustainable human-centered solutions.

We'll help you join the 13%.


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We are on a mission to tap into the collective intelligence, creative capacity, and leadership of all people so their work will thrive and their lives will improve.

Interactive Workshops

If you have ever been stuck at work with problems you didn’t know how to solve, our interactive workshops are for you. We offer an array of interactive workshops that engage participants' heads and hearts. Participants will leave re - energized with clear next steps on new ways of thinking and acting in their work.

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Innovation Lab Consulting

Dr. Karen Tilstra and her team have built Innovation labs at three major companies and three universities. She understands how to educate and implement a proven method that works. Once your team understands this creative process, they will stop getting results they don't want and start generating solutions that work.


Dr. Karen Tilstra has spoken across the world on the creative process and creating cultures of innovation. Her personal stories and work experience will leave an audience with a new paradigm of thinking.

"As an organization, we were struggling to create an innovation blueprint that would guide our future. Karen and her team, with their flexible and customized approach, showed us a path for creating a culture of innovation and helped us radically shift how all our employees approach problem-solving."

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, International NGO

"If you want consistent successes more than an occasional win, invite this remarkable team to help you overcome your toughest challenges and learn how design thinking works."

President of a Marketing and Advertising Agency

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How Does Innovation Transform Organizations?

  • Fosters systemwide collaboration
  • Creates relevant solutions
  • Raises employee engagement
  • Sparks creative thinking

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Karen's Blog

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Three Simple Steps That Will Help Your Ideas Succeed

The CROW Video Series - How to Respond When Your Ideas Are Rejected (So You'll Actually be Heard!)

How to Respond When Your Ideas Are Rejected (So You’ll Actually Be Heard)

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Five Most Common Innovation Mistakes


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