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Do you want to build a sustainable creative advantage?

We can help you…

  • Develop creative thinking teams
  • Build competency in innovation practices
  • Host dynamic innovation workshop and keynotes
  • Create viable design thinking labs

What we can do for you!


Do you want to be a leader who ignites innovation and establishes a culture of creative problem-solving?


If your answer is yes, we're here to help! Our mission at Creativity Effect is to make innovation a tangible reality by guiding you through our unique roadmap for making innovation happen at all levels of your organization!

  • Strengthen your innate creative thinking skills
  • Understand innovation processes and methods
  • Be an effective problem identifier and solver
  • Develop an effective feedback loop that leads to sustainable results
  • Become a leader that people want to follow



What Makes Us Unique


We customize our proprietary tools, processes, and systems to fit your specific needs to best serve you and your team.


We work side-by-side with you and your team for the common goal of creating a culture of innovation that uniquely serves your organization.


Design Thinking Focus

We develop design thinkers who are able to creatively solve problems and image a better future for their organization and their customers.


We make innovation accessible by educating our clients to use our simple and adaptable strategies. 

Meet Dr. Karen Tilstra

Founder and Innovation Architect

Karen's mission is simple. She wants to make innovation accessible to any and everyone. Why? Because she believes that EVERYONE is creative and has the capacity to be a great leader! 

Dr. Tilstra is an innovation architect and creative thinking guru. Her research and practice over the past decades have helped thousands of people develop their innovation and creative thinking skills.

She has been at the forefront of design thinking and led the creation of innovation labs in professional sports, health care, government, and higher education.


The Creativity Effective Team

Andy Tilstra, MA
Innovation Specialist

Christian Spinella
Facilitator and Experience Designer

David Tilstra, BFA
Digital Media

Janelle The, MA

Karen Tilstra, PhD
Founder and Innovation Architect

Lauren Heinrich
Design Thinking Facilitator

Richard Regan Paul
Facilitator and Experience Designer


Harness the power of creativity and innovation!

Overcome your toughest challenges

"If you want consistent successes more than an occasional win, invite this remarkable team to help you overcome your toughest challenges and learn how design thinking works."


Flexible and customized approach

"As an organization, we were struggling to create an innovation blueprint that would guide our future. Karen and her team, with their flexible and customized approach, showed us a path for creating a culture of innovation and helped us radically shift how all our employees approach problem-solving."


Create a substantial culture of innovation

"Through her training program, personalized coaching, and project facilitation, Dr. Tilstra helped our large, global NGO create a substantial culture of innovation that has continued to grow to this day." 

Pioneer International

Substantially fast-tracked our capacity to diffuse innovation

"Over a period of one year, Karen and her team taught us the tools, language, and mindsets of innovation that are necessary to realize lasting value-add. She substantially fast-tracked our capacity to diffuse innovation throughout our organization."

Rob Wassel, Executive Director
Seeds Innovation Lab

Karen at TEDx Orlando

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Start elevating your ideas today with the Idea Lift.

Access five free tools to help you and your team develop ideas and turn them into relevant results.