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What We Do

Launch - Lead - Land

Creativity Effect's model for developing innovative organizations, communities, teams, and people.

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What Makes Us Unique


We customize our proprietary tools, processes, and systems to fit your specific needs to best serve you and your team.


We work side-by-side with you and your team for the common goal of creating a culture of innovation that uniquely serves your organization.

Design Thinking Focus

We develop design thinkers who are able to creatively solve problems and image a better future for their organization and their customers.


We make innovation accessible by educating our clients to use our simple and adaptable strategies. 

Meet Dr. Karen Tilstra

Founder and Innovation Architect

Karen's mission is simple. She wants to make innovation accessible to any and everyone. Why? Because she believes that EVERYONE is creative and has the capacity to be a great leader! 

Dr. Tilstra is an innovation architect and creative thinking guru. Her research and practice over the past decades have helped thousands of people develop their innovation and creative thinking skills.

She has been at the forefront of design thinking and led the creation of innovation labs in professional sports, health care, government, and higher education.

New Book: Deathline

Feeling like you are not tapping into your latent potential? Then check out Dr. Tilstra's first book, The Deathline: Stopping the #1 All-Time Killer of Human Potential and unlock your latent creativity!

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