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Learn how to generate innovative ideas in four easy steps

Learn How to Generate Innovative Ideas

Have you ever shot down another person's idea, only to later ask yourself, "Why did I do that?"

Don't worry, you're not alone. Many of us do this and are guilty of what I call "rain-clouding." Rain clouding is when we shoot down ideas. And is a huge threat to generating innovative and creative ideas.

Why do we do this? Well, there are many reasons. But, if I can be honest, a big reason is that we're threatened by the idea or the person sharing it. 

I know this is hard to hear (it's hard for me to admit). But take heart, because there's hope. When we learn to look at ideas simply as starting points and a little burst of inspiration, meant to be built upon and expanded, we start to see things differently.

And by saying, "It's not my idea or their idea, it's just an idea," we are less threatened and can keep an open mind. This simple mindset change allows innovative ideas to generate and grow.


I know how easy it is to rain-cloud on an idea feast, so I created a phrase to remind you how to create space for ideas to flow. I call it "Don't Be a Crow." My team and I even made a little video for you to watch (it's actually part of a three video series!) and share with your team. Watch above and review the key steps below.

  • C = need to Control.  I need to stay in control.
  • R = need to be Right. I need to be right.
  • O = need to stay Objective. Everyone needs to remain objective.
  • W = need to Win.  I got to win. Or if I don't win, at least I can't lose.


So there you have it if you want to learn how to generate innovative ideas, be a CROW!


Keep inspiring creativity! 

- Karen


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