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Podcast: An innovation podcast with Dr. Karen Tilstra: How Human-Centered Innovation Labs Manifest Empowered Employees

human-centered design podcast May 18, 2022

A few months ago Andy and I had the opportunity to talk with George from the C-Suite BluePrint podcast about the power of human-centered innovation. Here are three things we talked about: 




Three Things We Talked About

1. 80% Problem Finding, 20% Problem Solving 

This equation is critical to human-centered design. The key to creating innovative results is to uncover what the existing problems actually are. Not what we think or assume they are. 


2. Bridging Front Line Knowledge with Top Leadership 

In all of our work (from school setting to professional sports to hospital systems to higher level) connecting the front line employees with the top leadership continues to be the key to human-center and sustainable solutions to an organizations biggest problems. 


3. Innovation is Everyone's Job

The organizations that are truly innovation empower, allow, and expect everyone to be innovative.


If you're interested in human-centered design and innovation, hit play on this episode! 


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