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Podcast: How to Maximize Your Potential with Karen Tilstra, PhD

deathline book podcast Aug 23, 2023

Karen's Podcast Interview with Jenn DeWall

Join me on a transformative journey as I chat with Jenn DeWall on Leadership Habit podcast, diving deep into the pages of my book, "The Deathline." If you're ready to unlock your full potential, this episode is a must-listen! We explore the art of breaking free from your mental constraints and delve into the concept of the "deathline." This powerful discussion illuminates the path to unleashing your creativity, embracing authenticity, and amplifying your leadership potential. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a realm of boundless opportunities. Tune in now to The Leadership Habit podcast and embark on a journey towards your limitless future!

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Episode Summary

"As the episode opens, Jenn introduces Dr. Tilstra, and they discuss how to maximize your potential by understanding your “deathline.” Dr. Tilstra explains that a deathline is the imaginary line we draw in our minds that we think we cannot cross. If we cross that line, we might be criticized or punished somehow. This deathline kills our potential by making us afraid to do certain things that might lead to our success. 

Then, they examine how these deathlines can be subconscious and formed in our youth. Dr. Tilstra shares a story about how her grandmother would criticize anyone who seemed to be showing off by saying, “Who do they think they are?”. This created a deathline in Dr. Tilstra’s mind about never wanting to be seen as arrogant or showing off in any way. She had to overcome that fear to reach her full potential."

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