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Podcast: From Deathliness to Dynamite: Unleashing Your Creative Genius

deathline book leadership podcast May 08, 2024


Innovation Podcast with Karen Tilstra

Karen Tilstra, PhD, a leading figure in innovation and thought, teams up with Sura Al-Naimi on "The HiHelloSura Show" podcast to explore her groundbreaking idea, "The Death-line." Using her expertise in human behavior, Karen dives into this concept that quietly shapes our lives. The Death-line represents those invisible barriers that hold back our creativity and potential. Karen shows how facing these barriers head-on can unlock a flood of innovation and imagination.

In this captivating episode, Karen sheds light on the power of overcoming personal limits. She and Sura take listeners on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The Death-line, crafted by Karen, becomes a tool for understanding the fears and doubts that stop us. By recognizing and pushing past these barriers, Karen reveals a path to realizing our full potential and fostering a culture of endless possibilities.

Join Karen Tilstra, PhD, and Sura Al-Naimi on "The HiHelloSura Show" podcast as they unravel the mysteries of human potential. Through Karen's exploration of "The Death-line," listeners gain insights into breaking mental barriers and unleashing creativity. This conversation challenges us to rethink our limits and embrace a future filled with innovation, growth, and endless potential.




Episode Summary 

Episode summary from The HiHelloSura Show


In this episode, educational psychologist and innovation expert Karen Tilstra, PhD, shares her insights on fostering creativity, collaboration, and innovation within organizations. With a doctorate in innovation and leadership, Karen has worked with diverse organizations, from healthcare systems and government agencies to universities and private businesses, to help people develop competencies in creative thinking and innovative practices. 

She's also the author of two recent books, "The Death-Line: Number One All-Time Killer of Human Potential" and "101 Activities to Ignite Collaboration, Boost Creativity and Fuel Innovation." 

Karen discusses the concept of a "death line," an imaginary line that holds people back from reaching their full potential, and how challenging it can lead to personal and professional growth. She also shares practical activities, like the "Stinky Fish," that teams can use to surface fears, assumptions, and opportunities for growth, ultimately leading to a more collaborative and innovative environment.

🔑 Key Takeaways:

 - Understanding and challenging your "death line" can help you grow and optimize your potential 

- Engaging teams in shared experiences and reflection can foster collaboration and innovation 

- Adopting a new vernacular, like "death line," can facilitate authentic conversations and create a more collaborative environment


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