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The CROW Series: Three simple steps that will make your ideas succeed!

Help Your Ideas Succeed With These Three Tips

Have you ever wondered how NOT to put down your own ideas??? I know I have! We do it to ourselves all the time and I think it's time we stop. This is why I'm super excited to share the last video on our CROW series, FLY


Here are the steps:

  • F - Have faith in your idea,

  • L - Take the leap and share it,

  • Y - Have a Yes-and attitude (Remember you don’t have to agree but make a choice to just stay in the conversation by suspending judgment, adding to what’s happening, and creating space for wonder!)


Wanna see it in action? Keep on reading (and watching)...


Meet Ramon. He was great at poo-pooing his ideas. In fact, he was so good at it that he actually dubbed himself as "Ramon the idea wrecker.”  He hated it but didn’t know what to do about it. 

On one particular day he and his department, along with their boss, were all working in the innovation lab. They were working on the challenge - how might children be more rapidly reconnected with their parents post-surgery. They thought out all kinds of different ideas.

Ramon didn’t like any of the ideas and wondered, "why not have his boss and the team go through the process themselves and act it out." But as soon as he had the idea, he told himself, "Nah, they won't like it, they'll think it's silly!" So Ramon poo-pooed his own idea and just sat there in silence.

With Ramon silent, no one heard his idea and the group went on with their own half-baked idea. The group felt their work was done and headed back to their offices.



As he reflected, Ramon saw his folly. He had second-guessed himself and now his idea never even had a chance to breathe and grow. A week later when the team's half-baked idea failed, Ramon decided to speak up.

He took the FLY approach and even though he was pretty nervous, he shared his idea and the group loved it! His idea gave them an opportunity to experience the challenge firsthand. Afterward, the group came up with a great solution that actually transformed the pediatric post-surgery process.

It was an awesome experience and Ramon quickly saw the benefit of letting his ideas FLY. So remember, next time you're tempted to poo-poo your ideas, stop and get ready to FLY.


Keep inspiring creativity! 

- Karen

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